iDEA –

iDEA in partnership with InspireIT and Dell EMC.

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is an
international programme aiming to help address the digital skills
gap. The programme provides free digital skills education in the
form of engaging online modules (badges). The iDEA curriculum
has been curated to help inspire people all over the world
to become Digital Citizens, Workers, Makers, Entrepreneurs
and Gamers to enhance their employability; and to help them
become economically active.
iDEA is a blended learning approach that aspires to be a digital
and enterprise equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Participants take on a series of challenges that earn them points
which aggregate towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Inspiring
Digital Enterprise Award.
iDEA’s different learning categories (Citizen, Worker, Maker,
Entrepreneur and Gamer) cover topics as diverse as cyber
security, cloud computing and e-safety; and animation,
growth hacking, customer relationship management and web
development. All the digital badges are short modules which
can be completed anywhere a learner can be online.
Since the launch of the Bronze Award in 2017, millions of
iDEA badges have been completed by learners in over 100
countries worldwide. Tens of thousands of our Awards have
been achieved.
iDEA works closely with learners and Organisers to support their
implementation plan.


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